Welcome to Infinite Bliss Yoga and Bodywork. It is so lovely to have you here!

Infinite Bliss Yoga and Bodywork, located on the fringe of Downtown Kalamazoo, is a dynamic place for personal growth and evolution. Let me introduce myself, I’m Alicia Dawn Smith. I’ve been playing with these modalities for 12+ years and my love for offering them continues to grow and grow and grow. I’m totally committed to bringing health and wellness to all parts YOUR life, and also my own.

In my care, you can expect to find deeply transformative, connected bodywork, finely tuned for your specific needs. During my yoga classes, I will guide you through things that have worked for me in the past to find freedom, inner peace, and transcendental bliss.

I accentuate the spiritual. As do the other instructors that choose to be a part of Infinite Bliss Yoga. If you’re looking for a sweet ride that aims to unite your mind, body and spirit, Infinite Bliss is the place for you.

I love this stuff. I use it daily. It is deep. It is physical. And still, it is beyond physical. Often people under my care land in that healing space between wakefulness and sleep – Floating in Bodyless Bliss.

Get in touch, schedule a session, or come to a class and see how Infinite Bliss Yoga and Bodywork can help you polish up your amazing, brilliant true nature!!

Please, Make yourself at home. If you have any further questions, please contact the studio directly