Alicia Smith, LMT

Alicia’s friends in Kalamazoo have been putting her hands to work since 2003. That is more than a decade of offering massage! Alicia is passionate about offering customized sessions for people of all ages and walks of life. From infancy to pregnancy to hospice, to dealing with acute injuries and traumatic circumstances, Alicia has a knack for helping her clients and friends increase the peace and decrease the stress.


520 Hour Massage Therapy certification, Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, School of Massage and Body Work (Now the Institute for Massage Education) (2004)

Introduction to Cranio Sacral Therapy, Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts (2005)

Apprenticeship with the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts. Studying for eleven months under the direct guidance of Will Matthews, CMT, and Monica Patnoude, CMT, completing roughly 200 additional hours of advanced massage training. (August 2004- July 2005)

CranioSacralTherapy 1, The Upledger Institute (June 2013)

Shoulders, Upper Back and Axilla, Full Circle (October 2015)
Ribcage, Head and Neck, Full Circle (October 2016)

Table Massage:

45 Minutes- $55
60 Minutes- $70
75 Minutes- $85
90 Minutes- $100 

Table Massage in your home:
60 Minutes- $108
90 Minutes- $140

Corporate Chair Massage:
60 Minute package- $90

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